Australian and Gaelic Football
Record a Video Preview and a Video Summary of the days Highlights
Australian Football and Gaelic Football are similar in many ways. They are both bruising, fast paced high scoring games that are ideally suited to take advantage of Thinking Sports.

We see Thinking Sports used in the following way for these exciting games:

  • Posting score updates as TV graphics the instant the score changes
  • Regular weather forecasts for the venue 
  • Venue promotion graphics (Restaurants and other facilities promotions)
  • Auto-Tweets (Up to 50) of team info and stats
  • Sponsor Ads complete with URL links to their websites (By getting sponsors for the feed, the cost of utilizing Thinking Sport can be totally offset)
  • Automatically posting News Items relating to the sport.

All of this content has a TV feel to it with Branding Overlayed on Weather Forecasts and Lower Third Graphics on the Scoreboard Posts.

In addition to all of the above, by using our system, you can conduct interviews with Players, Coaches, Managers and others that will post directly into the feed automatically complete with Sponsor acknowledgement. For instance, This Interview brought to you by Sherrin, Makers of Footballs. 

Because this is a set-and-forget system, once you set it going at the start of play, it will continue to generate interesting and informative content all game long. If people have push notifications turned on they will automatically get updates to their phone of the game events wherever they are in the world.

Using Social Media in this way can build a global audience for Football that over time would exceed anything TV is capable of.

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