Open the day with a Video Preview of whats ahead
Thinking Sports is ideal for Chess.

Chess like many other popular sports is under covered in traditional media. This is a shame given that there are millions of players and followers of the game world wide. We believe that through using Thinking Sports to Twitter-Cast your tournaments, you will build a loyal and growing community of enthusiasts from around the globe.

We see the system being used to do the following:

  • Post images of Board One at regular intervals so that people anywhere in the world can follow the play as it happens
  • Post Auto-Tweets of advice, training and other chess and tournament related information
  • Post graphical Educational elements (Queens Gambit opening for instance)
  • Post Sponsor Images with URL links (Why not get your local community businesses to support you through low cost sponsorship)
  • Interviews with the players (Live Clips posted directly into the feed)
  • Although not as relevant as an outdoor sport, Weather Forecasts would still be of interest

​By pomoting your Twitter Feed you will get hundreds and possibly thousands of followers tuning into your games whenever you use Thinking Sports, with likes and retweets your potential audience could number in the 10's of thousands over time. What an extraordinary sponsorship opportunity for anyone looking for laser targeted marketing to a defined group of people.
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