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Thinking Sports is unique in the marketplace in that it offers grass roots Sports Clubs both a hi-tech, no hassle means of scoring their games and generating feature rich, compelling content and also a simple means of revenue generation for their club.

Thinking Sports is licensed to each club for just £100 per month or £1,000 per annum. All sponsor revenues are retained by the club making Thinking Sports a profit centre for your club with unlimited revenue generating potential.

The clubs can generate revenue through low cost recurring sponsorship from local businesses or from parents who own businesses in the case of schools. Game by game sponsor packages are also available so a local business can put their "toe in the water" so to speak priior to committing long term.

In return for sponsorship, each sponsors business will be displayed at regular intervals during scoring. In this way, the sponsor gets exposure for their brand each and very time the scores are updated.

So, if a club has 200 followers, a sponsor’s image may be seen by 200 people each time their image is displayed in the rotation. Through re-tweets and shares this number could grow into the thousands.

This not only represents exceptional value for money from an advertising stand point, it also generates goodwill for the company as they are seen as an active supporter of their local Sports Club.

Most clubs in the UK already use Twitter or Facebook or both and their members and friends interact weekly through the platforms. This makes Twitter and Facebook the ideal platforms for Thinking Sports scoring and posting program.

In addition to posting live scores, weather forecasts, News, Sponsor Messages and club related info, a second camera can be used to record highlights and interviews with the clips being generated automatically with the sponsor branding included. These can then be uploaded either over 3G or WiFi when available providing engaging live content to the clubs feed.

Through Live Scores, TV style graphs and charts, AI driven Tweets and compelling live clips, Thinking Sports should assist clubs grow their follower network and increase exposure for their sponsors.
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