Drip Feed Marketing
We developed Thinking Sports with sports clubs in mind but along the way we discovered that we had inadvertantly developed a game changing automatic marketing tool we call Drip Feed Marketing.

If you use Twitter or Facebook for marketing purposes, our product is the ideal unpaid marketing assistant you have been looking for.

The days of TV dominance for advertising and marketing are numbered and that opens the door for a new product focused on providing a similar experience on peoples phones. Effectively giving every Business regardless of size, their own TV channel with a laser targeted audience.

​Operating on 3G or WiFi (if available), Thinking Sports will work in 99% of locations around the world.

By using Twitter and Facebook, users are already experts with the interface and can actively interact with the content that Thinking Sports produces.

Like all forms of mass media, there needs to be a base line of content to keep people interested and entertained. That is where Thinking Sports comes in, our system automatically generates focussed content for as long as you like.

Once the baseline content is being produced, users from all over the world (Including your Marketing Department)  can also contribute with video clips, pictures, comments and links making your Social Media Channel even more compelling and drawing in even more followers.

The basis behind Thinking Sports is to provide TV Like pictures, video and information be it Weather Forecasts, News Items, Funny Anecdotes and a raft of other information linked with sponsorship in a never ending automated stream of information.

Once users interact with and repost content, this becomes a really powerful and addictive platform. Our technology uses change recognition code and internet hooks to produce unique content each time it is used.

Our Patent Pending system opens the door for the smallest of Businesses to build a global following for themselves and their products.

We are using Sheep to market a Village Shop in South East England
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