If you are holding a Sporting Event or Special Occasion, let us set up and run Thinking Sports for you on the day. Our service to Twitter-Cast your eventĀ  includes:

  • Provision of all hardware and software
  • A Qualified Operator onsite for the duration of your event
  • Setup of all Sponsor Ads and Links
  • Graphic Design and Setup of Special Message Tweets
  • Live Weather Forecasts
  • Setup of Autotweets
  • Video Clips

On the day, your Tweets, Scores Video Clips and Updates can be posted
to your existing Twitter account maximising your exposure to existing followers
or to another Twitter account setup especially for the event.

Its that simple!

Prior to the event we will meet with you to discuss your wants and needs to ensure we deliver to your followers an entertaining and informative Twitter experience.

In addition to providing real time scores/results and content, you can choose to have graphical and/or sponsor messages intersperced within the feed. Talk to us about how attracting sponsors for your event can mean our services are free.

​For one-off events, we suggest setting up a Twitter account just for that occasion and then promoting the fact that a Twitter-Cast can be viewed at that address for the duration of the event. That way, your event does not overtake your day-to-day Twitter activities and it provides a new vehicle with which to generate publicity for your event.

​A Thinking Sports Twitter-Cast does not have to be just for scores either, we could have more than one system casting scores, crowd shots, play etc. This, along with your autotweets, sponsor messages and special messages will provide a rich feed all day long. When you factor in re-tweets, the online exposure for your event could be in the tens of thousands.

​Thinking Sports is far and away the best value for money online promotion available.​​

Your Twitter-Cast can include all or any of the folowing:

  • ​Live Scores or Leader Boards
  • ​Other Timelapse Photographic Snaps of your choosing
  • ​Real Time Graphical Weather Forecasts
  • ​Up to 50 Auto-Tweets of your choosing
  • ​Sponsor Graphics with URL Links
  • ​Venue Promotion Graphics
  • ​News Items from the Web relevant to your event
  • ​Your Branding on all Graphics including Live Scores or Results
  • ​Live Video Clips of Interviews or Highlights
  • Graphs and Charts based on Scoring Data

All of the above is tweeted at timing intervals chosen by you.

With this new rich stream of automated content, your Twitter followers will have even more reason to comment, like and retweet your content gaining you unprecedented Social Media exposure.
​To see how
Thinking Sports
can be used at your event

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