Golf is a great game played by millions around the world and coming from a golfing family, it was at the forefront of my mind when we developed Thinking Sports.

Because of the picturesque nature of the sport, Golf really lends itself to picture posts, something that Thinking Sports does extremely well.

​With social media growing in popularity daily, even the smallest of clubs can gain TV sized audiences each week as people follow their performance on Twitter and Facebook.

With a well framed shot of the leader board that is always up-to-date through our change recognition technology, people will be contstantly checking on tournament progress.

We see the system being used to do the following:

  • Post images of the Leader Board every time it changes so that people anywhere in the world can follow the play as it happens
  • Post Auto-Tweets of club info, community info, announcements and anything else that relates to the game or club
  • Post graphical Venue Promotions that get noticed
  • Post Sponsor Images with URL links (Why not get your local community businesses to support you through low cost sponsorship)
  • Interviews with the players (Live Clips posted directly into the feed)
  • Regular Weather Forecasts are a must
  • ​News Clips relating to your Tournament or Club

​By pomoting your Twitter Feed you will get hundreds and possibly thousands of followers tuning into your Tournaments whenever you use Thinking Sports, with likes and retweets your potential audience could number in the 10's of thousands over time. What an extraordinary sponsorship opportunity for anyone looking for laser targeted marketing to a defined group of people.
Video a Tournament Preview and Post Mortum at the end of play each day.
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