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Give your Fans and Sponsors a TV Experience

  • Live Scores as TV Graphics
  • Event Tracking Graphics (Penalties, Scrums, Trys, Lineouts, Conversions, the lot)
  • Conversion/Penalty kick Angle to Goal and Chance of Success graphics
  • Ball Tracking Graphics
  • Sponsor Graphics
  • Trys, Conversions, Venue Information and more either animated or still
  • Works on 3G, 4G and WiFi
  • Video Clips complete with TV Overlays
  • Generate Ongoing New Revenue For Your Club
Using our unique phone app, you can generate live TV Standard graphics to keep your fans engaged in the game like never before.

Instantly tweet animated Try graphics, show where penalties and scrums are, interview the coach, send crowd reaction clips and more.

Involve your fans in your club on game day and watch your followers grow.
Get the Kids Involved
We all know kids love Tech and they understand it better than adults ever will so why not enlist them to produce your game day content for you using the Thinking Sports Matchday App.

Your young people could be producing TV quality content for your games that will have the Rugby world talking.

Although all content can be produced by a single operator, TS Matchday is multi-user so you could allocate someone for scores, someone for live clips, someone for ball tracking, someone for animated content, someone for conversions and penalty kicks, the content will be rich, compelling and the talk of the town.

Social Media is a very powerful tool and used well can make your club stand out from the crowd.


"Thinking Sports is a big hit with the BYG Players and followers alike who keep up-to-date with scores from other games being played. We even have people lounging by the pool around the world following the action live"

A Unique Business Opportunity

Generate Revenue

Your club can benefit from additional revenue generated through TS Matchday.
Share Scores Globally

Using Social Media, we can give you the ability to reach a global audience from
as soon as you launch.
Tried & Tested

Thinking Sports has been tried and tested for over 3 years before launching. It is now used every week by Pro Clubs and Amatuer Clubs alike
Easy To Use

Our primary focus has been to keep things simple, which is why it takes just miuntes to learn
No WiFi Required

We use 3G, 4G or WiFi to publish scores and other data online. Rest assured that 98% of the UK will have at least 3G coverage.
Video Clips

Our application also gives you the ability to post videos complete with TV Overlays.

The TV Sports industry has spent 40 years teaching people how to consume sports data graphically, we let you produce the same content on a phone.

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No matter how big your club is, you can look like the Pros with our simple to use, phone based app for generating compelling, addictive and entertaining content, live during play.

And, its multi-user, you can get your young people more engaged with the club by asking them to contribute by using the App on game day.

It all adds up to great fan engagement and your very own Club Channel the likes of which have been the sole domain of the Pros.....Until Now.