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Generate Social Media Content AUTOMATICALLY & Gain a Global Audience for your Sport
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Enable Players, Supporters, Family and Friends anywhere in the world to See Your Scores and Data live on their phones.​​

Social Media means the smallest of clubs can get TV sized audiences.

  • Enable Users Globally To Follow Your Club Scores
  • Its Automatic, no human input required
  • Gain Followers By Providing¬† Compelling Content
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Share Your Scores Globally & Build Your Audience
Sports of all kinds are thriving and so is the demand from followers to be kept up to date with scores and results. Thinking Sports allows you to publish your match scores globally using Twitter and Facebook.

Engage with your local community by partnering with local businesses in the use of Thinking Sports.
Automate your Social Media Content

  • Live Scores Without Human Input
  • Regular Weather Forecasts throughout the match
  • Automatic Posts of Club News
  • Graphical Promotions
  • Sponsor Branding (If desired)
  • No WiFi Required, works on 3G
  • Live Video Clips Of Any Duration
  • Generate Ongoing New Revenue For Your Club
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How Does It Work?

Camera Installed

Live Data Posted Online

Sponsor Messages Displayed

It takes 5 Minutes to site our proprietary camera and software solution and launch the data generation system
Live Scores, Weather Forecasts, Club News, Graphical Promotions and Video Clips are then Tweeted to your global audience at specified intervals of your choosing.
Linked Sponsorship messages are then displayed. You decide how often they are shown.


"Thinking Sports is a big hit with the BYG Players and followers alike who keep up-to-date with scores from other games being played. We even have people lounging by the pool around the world following the action live"

A Unique Business Opportunity

Generate Revenue

Our Representatives will show you how to engage with local businesses to create partnerships that benefit each other.
Share Scores Globally

Using Social Media, we can give you the ability to reach a global audience from
as soon as you launch.
Tried & Tested

Thinking Sports has been tried and tested for over 2 years before launching. It is a unique service in the marketplace.
Easy To Use

Our primary focus has been to keep things simple, which is why setup and launch takes just minutes.
No WiFi Required

We use 3G or WiFi to publish scores and other data online. Rest assured that 98% of the UK will have at least 3G coverage.
Video Clips

Our application also gives you the ability to post videos. Speak to us to find out more about this service.

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