Non Sports
Even though Thinking Sports was clearly designed with amateur sports in mind, the very nature of the product lends itself to being used for almost any event where a consistant and compelling social media feed is required.

​This could be anything from Civic events like rememberance day or even new product launches, the list of applications is almost endless.

​Imagine you are a Borough Council and wanted to promote your farmers market for instance. Our system could provide the following:

  • ​Live shots of the market giving a real sense of atmosphere updated regularly throughout the day (Overlayed with graphics to give a distinctive TV feel to it)
  • ​Live weather forecasts (Particularly usefull on nice days and can be switched off if required)
  • Pre-Prepared messages selling the virtues of the Market and the Town
  • ​Sponsor Graphics with links to their websites (Make additional revenue through event by event sponsor sales)
  • Automated News Stories about the town
  • ​Live video clips of people milling about or individual stalls enticing more people to visit
  • Tourism graphical promotions for the towns other attractions or events

Most Borough Councils would also have a backlog of archived video footage which by using our system could be repurposed for social media giving it a new lease on life.

Social media is out growing Television in audience numbers and with reposts, comments and likes, your feed could reach tens of thousands of people all over the world.

Everybody has a phone so, unlike TV, your content is available to them wherever they are.

Everybody has a phone, use that incredible resource to promote your event.
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