School Sports
Imagine all of your Football, Netball, Hockey, Rounders, Cricket, Basketball and other sports being Twitter-Cast live. The parents and friends of the children playing could keep up with the action even when at work.​​

This would add a new dynamic to school sports and also provide a means by which the school could generate some additional revenue through sponsorship by parents and friends with businesses.

The school could offer annual sponsorship of the sports feed across all sports for just £10 per month. For this fee, the parents could promote their business or favourite cause and get graphical ads appearing in the feed at regular intervals. If you were to get 10 sponsors, it would make an additional £1,200 per year for their school.

Thinking Sports could be used to automatically:

  • Post scores at regular intervals
  • Post regular weather updates
  • Post news stories related to the school
  • Post text based tweets of school announcements and news
  • Post graphical school promotions
  • Post graphical sponsor ads with URL links
  • Post Video interviews with the players and PE staff
  • Post Graphs and Charts based on Score Data

All outgoing graphics can be branded with the school logo.

As scores are posted rather than images of play, child privacy issues are avoided. With the correct permissions, images of play could also be posted.

Thinking Sports can take your school sports to a potentially global audience, unlike TV, Social Media is accessible via mobile devices globally so a parent may be on a business trip in Hong Kong but they can still keep up with their childrens sports activities at school live.

Thinking Sports can even become part of the school curriculum with the Art department generating graphics, media studies involved in news and video production, PE for scoring and game day updates etc.

Differentiate your school wth Thinking Sports Solutions.
Keep up with your childrens school sports activities even when at work or out of the country
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