Did you know, there are millions of people that follow Grass Roots sports clubs on social media every week.

This audience until now has been largely untapped.

These people are the passionate heart of sports, they are committed, they are genuine and they really care about their communities and the people in them.

Thinking Sports Solutions Limited offers Sponsors a unique opportunity to engage with this enormous audience every week in an exclusive advertising partnership that will benefit your brand and the clubs.

By utilizing your sponsorship, we can offer the Thinking Sports system to the clubs free of charge. This will give every club in the network the tools to produce a game day social media feed that looks like Sky Sports, even the smallest of clubs can look like the big guys on game day.

In return, your brand is shown exclusively throughout play and seen by everybody that follows that club. Most clubs have thousands of followers and some have tens of thousands so when you factor in re-tweets and mentions, the potential audience can number in the hundreds of thousands (Dependent upon number of clubs sponsored)

Social media audience numbers now dwarf television and there is no better way of associating your brand with the Grass Roots communities than with Thinking Sports Solutions.

Your brand can be part of this new reality for as little as £200 per month, for more information and a confidential chat, please email [email protected]

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