Turn your spare Android phone into a 24-hour,
7 day a week Social Media Manager with TS Content


Social media is out growing Television in audience numbers and with reposts, comments and likes, your feed could reach tens of thousands of people all over the world.

Everybody has a phone so, unlike TV, your content is available to them wherever they are.

With TS Content you can schedule these Tweets:

  • Text Posts up to 280 Characters in Length
  • Video Clips (MP4)
  • Images (Everything from photos to marketing messages)
  • News Stories (Vetted by you of course)
  • Weather Forecasts (Specific Location or Current Location)

Prepare your Tweets and have TS Content post them at times and dates set by you.

In our “always on” world, be “always on” even when you are asleep.

My time with TS Content
As the CEO of an SME, I understand the need in todays dynamic business environment for a co-ordinated and consistent approach to social media.

For the first time, the smallest of businesses can have what is effectively their own channel, the difference is, unlike TV, Social Media gives us both a “one to many” and a “one to one” relationship with our customers. Far more powerful that television.

With every upside, there is a downside and in the case of Twitter and the other Social Media variants, that downside is the need to constantly be feeding the timeline with meaningful, funny or newsworthy content. A stale timeline can actually do more harm to your business than not having a social media presence at all.

Whilst we put a strong emphasis on producing quality content through informative tweets, imagery and video, we cannot be awake 24/7 and that is where an App I discovered has been a real productivity booster.

The App is called TS Content and it enables me to produce as much quality content in the form of video, animated gifs, still images and text as I like, and have it tweeted out on a schedule of my choosing. Add to that the App will also produce current news stories on any subject matter as pictorial links and my out of hours timeline has never looked better.

We are engaging with more people by providing meaningful content not just between 9 and 5 but 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are already products out there that do that I hear you say, and yes, there are. But I doubt any of them utilize your old mobile phone as the scheduling platform and cost just £15 per month.

In our “Always On” society, a company’s true value is more often being seen in the number of engagements and impressions their social media updates acquire and these Tweets now have a real value that, if used properly, can add to your bottom line.

TS Content is just one of the tools at our disposal, but it is a simple, easy to use and very affordable asset to our business.